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Restore the Functionality and Aesthetics of your Smile with a Tooth Crown in Dallas.

If you are experiencing discomfort due to decayed or cracked teeth, dental crowns may be ideal for you.

Our doctor specializes in customized dental crowns, also known as caps, to protect and preserve a weakened tooth.

Visit our dentist today to repair your tooth and your smile. Book your appointment with our restorative dentist for a dental crown in Dallas.

The Dental Crown Procedure in Dallas

The dental crown placement process generally requires two appointments at our office. The first appointment is designated for cleaning and preparation of the problem area.

The First Appointment: Dental Crown Preparation

Our dentist cleans out the portions of the tooth that have been damaged, and also removes a small bit of natural tooth enamel to make room for the dental crown.

Then, we take an impression of the tooth for the dental lab to craft your custom restoration. The dental crown will be created so that it not only fits snugly over your tooth but within the surrounding teeth as well.

We position a temporary dental crown over the tooth for protection, and to maintain your smile’s natural appearance until your next appointment.

The Second Appointment: Permanent Crown Installation

After the laboratory has crafted your customized crown, you’ll return to our office for a second appointment. The temporary crown will be taken out, and the permanent crown placed. Our dentists will then buff the crown in order to match the sheen of your surrounding teeth.

Dental crown placement may vary depending on your individual needs. Additionally, new technologies are constantly being developed to enhance the dental crown placement procedure.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

The benefits of dental crowns include:

  • Restore cracked, broken or decayed teeth for a healthier, more beautiful smile
  • Protect from further tooth decay or damage
  • Eliminate discomfort or pain
  • Strengthen ability to chew
  • Long-lasting solution – up to 15 years with proper upkeep
  • Natural-looking and inconspicuous

Types of Dental Crowns

Metal Crowns

Metal dental crowns may consist of gold, nickel or chromium alloy, or palladium – all of which are exceptionally durable. Due to the metallic color of these dental crowns, they are better suited for repairing back teeth, rather than more visible teeth.

Ceramic Crowns

Ceramic dental crowns offer a more natural-looking appearance, and are therefore commonly used for front teeth. The ceramic material is tooth-colored and translucent, similar to that of natural tooth enamel. Additionally, crowns can be appropriately sized and shaded to match the rest of your teeth. Ceramic crowns are generally made from resins, porcelain or dental ceramic materials.

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain dental crowns are stronger than ceramic crowns and are more visually appealing than metal dental crowns. Porcelain is combined with a metal crown shell, resulting in an opaque appearance. Porcelain dental crowns are extremely popular with our patients as they offer unique advantages over ceramic or metal alternatives

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