Family Dentistry

  • It is important to start off on the right foot with oral care.  That’s why the American Association of Periatric Dentist recommend a child’s 1st dental visit at 6 months.
  • At For You Dental our patients range from 6 month old babies to adults well into their 90’s.
  • We value Preventive care, and we feel it is important to having  successful long-term oral health.  We also know that routine care helps you avoid issues like cavities and gum disease.
  • At For You Dental we use the most up to date dental technology and techniques to keep your dental visit be as comfortable as possible during every appointment. We value your time, that is why we made our hours flexible, ensuring that we do our part in making dentistry that fits your schedule and your needs.
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We take your teeth seriously.

We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available. It is one of our top priorities to protect the well-being of our valued patients. For this reason, our office meets and surpasses all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Center for Disease Control) standards.


Why Are Dental Implants Helpful?

At For You Dental we specialize in all areas of dentistry, especially restoring teeth with dental implants, whether you need one tooth replaced, or several our team of highly trained doctors can restore your teeth back to health.  Dental implants are one of the most durable and long-lasting ways to replace missing teeth.  Very low maintenance is required once you have implants.

Full Dentures

There are several types of dentures:

Dentures are finely crafted and custom-fitted to the patient. Dentures can appear natural and provide a perfect smile. Dentures also help strengthen  facial muscles expressions and help correct pronunciation problems caused by missing teeth.
Dentures may require that some teeth be extracted to improve their fit and functionality.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Make a Good First Impression

Traditional dentistry is what keeps your teeth and gums healthy, and your smile shining. With cosmetic dentistry services, your smile can do more than shine. Your smile can be a great first impression, whether it be at a job interview, your high school reunion, or on a first date, plus a perfect smile can give you a great boost of confidence.

Dental Bridges

Healthy & Complete Smile

Do you ever feel slightly self-conscious as a result of gaps in your smile, or have trouble maintaining your oral health due to tooth loss? If so, dental bridges may be for you. Using a dental bridge – a prosthetic tooth connected on both sides by dental crowns – Our Doctor can safely and effectively fill in the space where a tooth is missing.

Root Canal

Relatively Painless

Endodontic therapy (root canal therapy) is a sequence of treatments for removing the pulp of a tooth to eliminate infection and protect the tooth from future infection. Without treatment, the infection of the dental pulp will spread to the bone around the tooth and beyond. The procedure is relatively painless when properly done.

Dental Crowns

Restore your Smile

If your tooth is severely compromised by either decay or trauma, you may need a dental crown.  A crown is a covering made specifically for your tooth. Most crowns are made with a special porcelain material but there are other materials available like gold.  Once it is determined that you need a crown, your tooth will be shaped, and a model will be taken. 

Gum Disease

Treat Gum Disease

We take gum disease very serious at For You Dental because we know how silent the disease can be, and how important your gums are to your overall dental health.  During your exam, we take you through a series of test to determine your gums overall health. Gum disease affects 64.7 million Americans , and many are unaware of their condition.

Invisalign & Braces

Traditional Treatment

Braces are a more traditional way to straighten teeth, and is a good option for kids and teens.  Braces are placed and worn for roughly 24 months.  Once completed a retainer will be made.  Traditional braces may be a more cost effective compared to invisalign. Invisalign can straighten your smile in about a year.  They are clear, removable alternatives to traditional metal braces.


Planning the Treatment

The first stage of the process involves diagnosis and planning of your treatment using our state-of-the-art computer imaging technology. At this stage, you will decide exactly how you want your new smile to look in accordance with your facial shape, the size and shape of your natural teeth, and other factors.

Dental Emergencies

If you have a dental emergency we offer same day appointments.  We understand how much dental pain can interrupt your life and how essential it is to get your teeth back to a health state.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is anything that is causing you pain, bleeding, or discomfort in your mouth.  Examples could include an accident to your mouth, or a bad toothache whether it is new or has lasted for a bit too long.  These are only a few examples.  If you are in pain of any kind then it most probably is a dental emergency, and or team of dental specialist can help.

Have a Question?


We are proud to provide a state-of-the-art facility for the highest quality dental care available.

During your exam and cleaning appointment, the For You Dental team will begin with taking any necessary xrays. This ensures that the doctor can see all of your teeth in it’s entirity. Next you will recieve a standard cleaning to remove visible plaque and tarter.If a treatment plan is necessary, we’ll offer honest advice about where to begin and what needs to be done to get you back to optimal health.

We offer modern digital x-rays, which are faster and more comfortable than xrays you may have taken in the past.  Digital xrays produce a very fast image, that can be seen within seconds.  This will ensure that you do not have sit a minute more than necessary to see the health of your teeth.

Fluoride treatments may be recommended by Dr. Drakeford if you have “soft spots” in your enamel, or you are more subseptible to cavities.  When your enamel appears to to have soft spots, that can signal the tooth has become weak and has a higher risk of tooth decay. Fluoride is a mineral that can penetrate the tooth and  “remineralize” and strengthen tooth enamel, restoring compromised teeth. The treatment is easy, has no pain, and takes a few seconds. A highly-concentrated fluoride gel will be brushed onto your teeth, then you’ll spit out the gel.  After applied, we ask that you avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes after the treatment. After that, your teeth will be stronger, healthier, and better protected.

Dental sealants are a special type of” liquid paint”made for consumption that covers the top of the teeth, usually your molars in the back, as they are the teeth that are most susceptible to cavities.  The liquid will cover and protect the teeth, blocking bacteria from causing cavities on the surface of your teeth.  Sealants do not hurt, they are easy to place, and takes a few minutes to apply.