Patient Reviews

What can you expect from the For You Dental experience? Learn all about the dental care we offer and what you can expect directly from our patients. Check out the reviews below.

I absolutely love my dentist and the staff. They are always very professional, very kind and go out of their way to accommodate your needs and help you with your scheduling or anything that you need..

Josette W

2 months ago

Everyone from the front desk to the back office are so friendly, polite, knowledgeable. I do not like going to the dentist, they made me feel at ease. Always greet me a smile. Call me a for follow up after my appointment. Will send a reminder about my appointment.
Very very nice ladies.

Beverly B

2 months ago

Dr. Drakeford and her staff are amazing! From checking in to being serviced, they are patient focused. They even called the day after, to see how I was doing. Highly recommend this practice!

Doris E

2 months ago