Invisalign and Braces


Braces are a more traditional way to straighten teeth, and is a good option for kids and teens.  Braces are placed and worn for roughly 24 months.  Once completed a retainer will be made.  Traditional braces may be a more cost effective way for straighter teeth as compared to invisalign.  There is a team of doctors at For You Dental available to evaluate your smile, and give you the best treatment option.


Invisalign can straighten your smile in about a year.  They are clear, removable alternatives to traditional metal braces.  Invisalign is made out of a strong, thin plastic that is similar in shape to a retainer. They are designed to gently shift your teeth over time, and move them toward the proper position in your mouth.  Some of the benefits to invisalign is they are almost completely invisible, and since they can be removed, there is no dietary restrictions.

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